What Other Are Saying About Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog
"Each night that we have read Sparkles the Fire Safety
, Cole continues to tell ME how HE will get out of the
house in case of fire."

Carrie, mother of Cole, age 3
"They [the class] LOVED the book!! They were so
impressed with Sparkles, she is all they talked about!
They all want a fire dog now!!I think the book looks
great!!!! I love the real pictures, that really made it

Mrs. Kelli Grigsby, Kindergarten Teacher

"Sparkles the Dalmatian has her paw on the pulse of fire
safety as she helps teach children how to
prevent and escape a house fire."

Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune webpage
"My 3 year old daughter loves this book and CD. In a
matter of 2 readings, she knows the theme song, what a
smoke alarm does, and how to stay low and go like
Sparkles! We saw Sparkles and Spanner at FDIC in Indy.
What great dogs."

Lesa, a mom and former firefighter-10 yrs.
Midwest Book Review - Reviewers Choice Review

Mrs. Bryant’s fourth grade class at Celia Clinton Elementary
just wanted to thank you so much for coming to our school
yesterday and teaching fire safety to all of us. We read your
book today and we all loved it.

Thanks again,

Mrs. Bryant’s
4th Grade Class
"I liked the book [Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog]. I liked the
good meeting places and how to get out of the house on
time also how to get out of the house. I will show it to my

      Mark, 9
     4th Grader from Celia Clinton
"Thank you for coming to my school and telling us about your
beautiful dog sparkles my mom loved her nails. I liked the
book [Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog] because it taught me
what I have to do if there was a real fire. Oh, and to change
my batteries in my smoke alarm. Your book taught me a lot of
things. I enjoyed you coming, thanks."

 Nisea, 9
 Celia Clinton Elementary School
"I liked the picture when Sparkles was crawling low to
demonstrate to us how to crawl low. And I learned that not
to touch a doorknob when your house is on fire because
you can burn your hand. Also I liked the picture when
Sparkles was in the bed LOL!!! I wanted to ask a question
do fire safety dogs go to fires or is it to dangerous for
them to go? Well thank you for reading my note hope I
here from you guys!!!"

 Rebeca, age 9
   Celia Clinton Elementary
"Sparkles I like because sparkles help kids have fire safety.
Sparkles the safety dog is a great book my mom and dad
love it. I love that sparkles can do things and fire safety. I did
know that people can do more in fire safety."

 Aaron, Age 10
 Celia Clinton Elementary
"I learned that whenever there’s a fire you should touch
the door with your hand backwards. Whenever you see
smoke, always crawl on the ground. When you’re on fire
stop, drop and roll. I also learned to find a meeting place.
For me the best place for a meeting place is a tree.'

  Alan, age 10
  Celia Clinton Elementary
"Sparkles the part I like of your book [Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog] is were you teach the people about fire safety.
The thing I learned is that you stop drop and roll. I
appreciate you teaching us how to be fire safe. Keep
teaching people fire safety Sparkles."

 Patricia, age 9
 Celia Clinton Elementary
"Thank you four coming to our school. Wish that my dog
can do what you can do. That is just amazing my dogs are
to wild to do that. I learned from the book [Sparkles the
Fire Safety Dog] is that having a fire alarm is important.
Dayna I think that sparkles is glad to have you as a mom
and I like your book very much so thank you. "

 Kayla, age 9
 Celia Clinton Elementary
"Thank you for coming to our school to teach us fire safety
skills. I wish that you can come back to our school again to
teach us fire safety skills. The book [Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog] that you gave me , I learned to crawl on my
knees when there is a fire in the house and you always
have a meeting place by the mailbox or by a the fence."

   Ron, age 9
   Celia Clinton Elementary
"I like the book of sparkles the fire safety dog. That was a
good book for the little kids. I like how you went to school
and teach the children about fire safety. I like how you
crawl down and show the kids. I like how you was and that
little bed it was a cute bed. That was a cute story. I like
that book because you went to teach just like a teacher. I
like the book so much. To a cute dog name sparkles the
super teacher. He is a sweet dog and a smart dog. He is a
super dog. He is a smart teacher he is a cool dog and a
sweet dog. He is a safety dog and taking good care of his
friend and people. He is a good friend for me. I like
sparkles for a sweet daycare dog for the whole town
because he is a super dog."

Dioselina, age 10
Celia Clinton Elementary
"Dear Sparkles,

I learned a lot from you. How you would crawl down like that
its a safer way to get away from a fire. And
it was great that you made a book."

  Robin, age 9
  Celia Clinton Elementary
"I like the book a lot. It showed me a lot of stuff . Like if I
was in a real fire and a smoke alarm would make noise like
beep beep beep and would tell you fire fire fire a fire
because my smoke alarm does that too."

Brenda, Age 10
Celia Clinton Elementary
"Written by firefighter Dayna Hilton, Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog is a wonderful, flat-spined children's
picturebook about the basics of fire safety - as taught
with assistance from Sparkles, a friendly female
dalmatian. Illustrated with full-color photographs of the
real Sparkles and her friends on virtually every page,
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog tells young readers what to
do if they hear the noise from a smoke alarm: "In case of
fire, be sure to crawl low under the smoke on your hands
and knees. The air is cleaner and cooler there. Get low
and go to your outside meeting place." A great way for
parents to introduce their children to doing fire drills,
especially sure to appeal to young dog lovers."

The Midwest Book Review / Children's Bookwatch
“Helping save children and their caregivers'
lives, one book at a time.”
“Dayna Hilton is providing an
invaluable service that is as kid safe
as it is kid friendly. Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog is charming on paper or
read aloud and an excellent tool in
furthering the hugely important
crusade of children’s fire safety.”

Alan Brunacini
Retired Phoenix Fire Chief

"Children love reading the same book
over and over. A fire safety book is one
way to provide the repetition needed
for young children to master home fire
safety messages. Firefighter Dayna,
Firefighter Michael and Sparkles give
us a book to enjoy while we learn!"

Nancy Trench
Fire Protection      
Oklahoma State University
“Educating children about fire safety is
so important… and Firefighter Dayna
and her incredible canine companion
Sparkles have found a way to make it
both fun and easy. With this book,
Dayna has taken a very serious and
potentially frightening topic and
transformed it into a simple, enjoyable
concept for parents to discuss with their
kids. Two paws up and a tail wag for
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog!


"I can't wait to share it with my two

Chief Dennis Compton,
International Fire Service                  
Training Association

"Young children will love Sparkles the
Fire Safety Dog…a spotted dog, friendly
firefighters, and safety lessons designed
just for them! The book is a great tool to
help kids learn – without scaring them --
how to be safe from fire, a leading cause
of accidental death at home."

Meri-K Appy, President
Home Safety Council
“I certainly would recommend it for your
fire and life-safety education program
for primary school children.”

Janet Wilmoth, Editorial Director,
Fire Chief Publications
"Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog is very
well done and is a significant job aid for
fire safety educators. The book really
does a positive job of telling children in
a very direct and simple way the
essential behaviors when a smoke
alarm activates. It also provides an
opportunity for the fire safety educator,
“In a fun, simple and easily under-
standable format,
Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog
presents to children of all
ages keen insights on fire safe
behaviors certain to be remembered
should the need arise. Such could
mean all the difference in a safe and
healthy life.”

Wayne Powell
Fire/Life Safety Specialist
Marriott International

"Both the book and the audio book are
done well. This book is a great
educational tool for the public education
officers. Children and elderly are the
most vulnerable age groups when it
comes to fire. In this book, Sparkles has
done great to educate our children.
Now, Sparkles and her friend Spanner
must find a way to do the same for the
elderly. That should keep Dayna quite
busy working on the next book!"

Azarang (Ozzie) Mirkhah, P.E., EFO,
Fire Protection Engineer
Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

“Instilling fire safety in young children is
vitally important. Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog and Firefighters Dayna and
Michael make learning these important
safety messages fun, and easy to
understand so that our children will be
able to know what to do in the event of a
fire. Congratulations on a wonderful

Heather Schafer
Executive Director
National Volunteer Fire Council

"Dayna Hilton should be applauded for
developing a teaching tool that reaches
children (and I'm betting some teachers
and parents too) with important and
proven fire safety messages. I've seen
firsthand the attraction between children
– Dalmatian dogs – and the "teachable
moment" that ensues with the
interaction. Having a readable book
[Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog] on the
topic is great."

Jim Crawford
Fire Marshal, Retired

"It's so AWESOME!"

Steven, age 5

"This book may be used as a guide to
educators, parents, other family
members and as a colorful means of
learning to the children themselves. "

John M. Malecky
1st Responder Newspaper

To read the entire review, click HERE.
Book Testimonial Video of
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog

Dr. Harry Carter

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog
Book Review Video by

Jack Peltier

Video Book Testimonial for
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog by

AJ Furnish, Public Educator
Nashville Fire Department
Video Book Review  of
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog by

Pat Miezala
Burn Nurse

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog Video
Book Testimonial by

Jeff Huddleston
Tennessee State Fire                    
           Marshal's Office

"If you have a little
firefighter-in-the-making, like my son
Seth, no doubt he or she will adore
Sparkles. And, you as a parent, will
applaud the message of this book
that is really a must-read for every
child.  There is also an entertaining
CD available, which features
Sparkles barking and story narration
by Firefighters Dayna Hilton and
Glenn Trembley.  
Sparkles visits schools to help children learn about fire
safety.  Together, with real-life Firefighters Dayna and
Michael, smoke alarms are explained, and instruction is
given re: how/why to crawl low under smoke in case of a
fire, why we should practice fire drills, etc.  Sparkles
watches Firefighter Michael put on his protective
clothing, and thanks him by wagging her tail, for being a
firefighter.  Big, colorful photographs of Sparkles in
action hold a child's interest, and tips are outlined in
language easily-understandable for children.  This is a
powerful learning tool, yet it capably offers information in
a fun manner.  I know my son would love Sparkles and
Firefighter Dayna to pay a visit to his school.

Robin Gorman Newman, Founder
school teacher or even afire chief to read to children.
There are several opportunities to have interaction, show
the real life objects that are presented and get feedback as
you are reading. This is a tool that should be in every fire
safety educator's tool box."

Division Chief Mike Love
Division of Community Risk Reduction Services
Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service
Rockville, Maryland, Retired
Vancouver Fire  Department
"Sparkles the Dalmatian has her
paw on the pulse of fire safety."
                                        Chicago Tribune
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